Pricing for Legal Documents and Services

We offer transparent, fixed-fee pricing for its legal document preparation services. Our three-tier pricing structure offers clients a range of options to choose from, depending on their specific needs and budget. All three tiers are guaranteed to include the legal documents required by the client to accomplish the client’s goals. Clients can choose the tier that includes the level of additional support required, allowing flexibility to receive high-quality legal documents services at an affordable price.

Tier 1: Documents Only Plan

The Documents Only plan includes the legal documents required by the client, along with instructions on how to implement the client’s goals using the documents. No attorney-client relationship is established, which means that our attorneys cannot respond to legal questions or provide document review. Clients who choose this tier are responsible for filing the documents and implementing them correctly as described in the instructions we provide.

Clients who begin with the Documents Only Plan and later decide that they need more support can always upgrade to a higher-tier plan. There are no change fees, and clients pay only the difference in price between the current plan and the plan upgrade.

Tier 2: Document Assistant Plan

The Document Assistant Plan includes the legal documents required by the client, along with an assigned document assistant to help facilitate document preparation and delivery.

  • Interview review. The assigned document assistant will review the answers given in the interview to be sure they are answered as intended. If the document assistant notices any inconsistencies or discrepancies in the interview, the document assistant will notify the client to make the correction before processing the documents.
  • Document review. The document assistant will also review the documents created by the service to ensure that they match the choices made in the interview.
  • Signature and filing assistance. The document assistant can also help circulate the documents for signature, file documents with any county or state agencies, and prepare a binder of completed documents in hard copy format for mailing to the client.

The document assistant’s role in reviewing the interview and document is limited to ensuring that the interview is completed correctly and that the resulting document includes the intended language. The Document Assistant Plan does not include an attorney-client relationship. The document assistant may not provide legal advice or legal document review. Clients that decide that they need attorney services can upgrade to the Attorney Plan by paying only the price difference between the two plans.

Tier 3: Attorney Plan

This tier will include everything in Tiers 1 and 2, along with attorney advice and any customized drafting needed to further customize the documents beyond what is included in the software. Clients who choose this tier will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their legal documents have been reviewed and customized by an experienced attorney.

Fixed-fee pricing for the Attorney Plan assumes that the client’s needs are common for the client’s goals. Additional fees may apply for clients with unusual circumstances that require customized document drafting beyond the baseline document preparation service. Included and excluded services are explained in detail in the attorney-client engagement letter, ensuring that there are no surprises.